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AACA Certifications

ICPA Overview of Certification

American Association Of Chartered Accountants(AACA)is your key to unlocking your career potential. Obtain the AACA certification, verify that you are proficient in the current most needed accounting and financial management capabilities. Access to AACA certification requires rigorous testing, relevant work experience, and adherence to continuing professional education.

The AACA certification is a globally recognized high-level certification for accounting and finance professionals working within an organization. Obtaining AACA certification is an authoritative validation of your capabilities in areas such as financial planning, analysis, auditing, control, decision support, and ethics.

The ICPA program:

 adjusts to you —- learn at your own pace and build upon your knowledge and experience

 provides complementary skills and tools you can use immediately

will prepare you for the case study exam —- and any future business challenge you’ll face — with the skills, the experience and the confidence you need

helps you develop/sharpen competencies that are most sought out by businesses

ICMA Overview of Certification

International Certified Management Accountant (ICMA) designation tells the world you’re a trusted, expert strategist connecting all aspects of business. Backed by a powerful array of benefits, you can stay connected to the pulse of your profession, become a knowledge leader and show the world you mean business.

To become a ICMA designation holder you need to complete the ICMA Finance Leadership Program and pass the exam. 

The ICMA Finance Leadership Program

To earn the ICMA designation, you need to master the technical finance and accounting skills, understand advanced business concepts and demonstrate strategic leadership abilities. The ICMA Finance Leadership Program was created to help you develop competencies in these areas and ultimately, and become a better business leader.

FCPA Overview of Certification

Legal accounting is a subject of law, accounting, auditing, investigation, evidence, Criminology and so on, which uses accounting, legal knowledge, audit methods and investigation techniques synthetically. It aims to obtain relevant evidence through investigation of accounting data, and display or make statements in a form acceptable to the court, so as to solve relevant legal problems. Fringe science.

Legal accounting is an applied marginal discipline in accounting discipline and a new field of accounting.

The definition of Forensic Accounting: "forensic accounting is a science that involves the use of accounting data in court for evidence or debate to solve legal problems."