The future of skills is more than digital. You need an optimal mix of professional quotients. Is your business ready?


Nowhere near ready

Accountancy shapes and supports business. But the profession is evolving and businesses need to support their individual accountants to acquire and develop new skills’. If you don’t, the ability of your organisation to add value will rapidly diminish.

AACA’s report ‘Professional accountants - the future’ presents the results of a global survey of C-suite executives on the drivers of change and the skills that will prove to be essential for future success.


Made a good start

You’re already cognisant of the main drivers of change: increased regulation and governance; technology; globalisation; and changing expectations of finance - all are on your agenda.

You’re also talking about cashless societies and the development of intelligent automated accounting systems. The next step is to plan not just for these outcomes, but for the tricky crossover period that comes first.


Sort-of ready

You know that by 2020, all professional accountants will need to develop and balance the necessary professional quotients to fit their role and stage of career. Between now and then, quotients such as technical expertise, ethics, independence and professional scepticism will remain constant.

Others, such as creativity, vision and emotional intelligence will fluctuate over time. The key is the find supporting you accountancts optimal mix.


Feeling confident

You’re confident your professional accountants are fully supported to gain their optimal and changing mix of quotients and remain future-fit.

You are also wise to the growing harmonisation of accounting and business standards, and the global mobility of qualified professional accountants, along with the need to build ethnically and culturally diverse teams.

You want professional bodies to embed these factors in their qualifications and you’re already talking internally about continuing this process with on-the-job training and guidance.


Yes. What’s next?

Your accountants speak the language of business. They’re equipped with local and international knowledge of emerging trends in technology and society.

They’re well versed in risk management best practices. They’re able to operate across different cultures and languages.

As a result, your organisation is ready to respond - not just to what the world needs now, but to what it’s going to need in the years to come.