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Employment prospects

Here are five of the most promising jobs identified by major international companies:

1. Internal Auditor

The company is in desperate need of internal auditors - particularly those qualified as Chartered Certified Accountants - to help them improve their internal controls to meet regulatory requirements, such as the SOX Act. As a result of strong demand growth, the internal auditors 'salaries have risen, and the average starting salary for large companies' internal auditors is expected to be in the range of $ 77,500- $ 101,500. The United States registered accountants in the AUD audit this subject is for this position for talent assessment and training.

2. Compliance Manager

The company is in desperate need of a compliance manager with experience in reporting to the SEC to meet growing corporate governance disclosure requirements. The CEO of a large company's chief compliance officer is expected to start at $ 132,500- $ 181,250. For mid-size companies with annual sales between $ 25 million and $ 250 million, compliance managers can get a starting salary of $ 111,000- $ 145,500. US FAR accountants in the course of the financial statements of the adequacy of the interpretation of compliance, the United States certified public accountants qualified financial workers are fully capable of qualified for this very professional position.

3. Financial Analyst

When the company begins to expand, financial analysts can help companies prepare budgets, forecast business prospects and determine how to achieve more profitable, so the company's management and senior manager positions require special financial analysts, starting at a small company (Annual sales of less than $ 25 million) can reach $ 55,750- $ 70,000; in large companies can reach $ 58,250- $ 73,750. The BEC subjects in the American CPA account for financial analysis, corporate governance, financial management and other content, from the level of operation of the company to develop financial accounting compound talents, to expand the scope of employment of the United States registered accountants.

4. Junior accountant

Companies need to have at least three years of work experience (including the public accounting profession) accountants to engage in the registration of general ledger, prepare financial statements and budget preparation work as a junior accountant in large companies, the starting salary is generally between $ 41,250- $ 52,500. This is a graduate of most of the United States accounting master's degree, with the United States of America Certified Public Accountants graduates of the selected positions, is the most likely to get the first job.

5. External Auditor

CPA firms are expanding their staff to meet growing business needs, with 3-7 years of work experience of certified public accountants will be particularly popular. Experienced certified public accountants in the small office starting salary can reach $ 48,750- $ 63,000. In accounting firms in the United States, skimming administrative staff, leaving more than 60% of employees have a certified public accountant, although the annual salary belongs to the middle, but the accounting firm is the most US certified public accountants to choose the most employment Whereabouts.

II. The Future of AACA in China

From the 2013 US stock market point of view, more and more Chinese companies try to land NYSE and Nasdaq to market financing, starting from the Lanting set potential, 58 city, where the network, car home, network Qin Technology And so on in the second half of 2013 get together the US capital market, 2014, this trend is even more heat, more heavyweight Chinese enterprises to the United States, Alibaba, Jingdong Mall, Sina microblogging, Jinshan cheetah, Zhaopin , Home network, etc. are also gradually listed in the United States. According to statistics, there are already more than 300 Chinese companies listed in the United States, these companies need to understand a large number of US accounting standards, the US accounting system to understand the accounting personnel to help them expand the development of the current domestic US CPA membership only Thousands of people, the demand gap of 25 million, we recruited from the major domestic sites, look at the domestic US registered accountants of the employment direction and pay prospects.

1. Accountant / Treasurer

As the most suitable position for graduates, more and more US companies, listed companies in the United States in their recruitment needs of the accounting commissioner to add the qualifications of the United States certified public accountants requirements, Bullock network company out of its accounting commissioner Annual salary of 12-15 million. Similarly, all network of financial commissioners salary range is 10-15 million, the United States certified public accountants priority, we can see that the United States registered accountants starting salary standards than the non-US accountant's accountant at least 50% .

2. Senior Finance Manager / Senior Internal Audit Manager

In this case,

More than 5 years of working experience, with cost management, financial analysis and risk control, familiar with SOX and US accounting standards, with AACA qualification, which is a top 500 IT companies and fast moving consumer goods companies common recruitment requirements, this position Of the salary is generally between 35 million -70 million.

Financial Controller / Vice President of Finance / SeniorManger

When you meet more than 10 years of work experience, more than 5 years of financial management experience and overseas background, you can apply for these financial top positions, 60 million -120 million is their salary standards, a domestic real estate recruitment CFO, Annual salary of 100-130 million, a domestic entrepreneurial enterprises to recruit financial director, annual salary of 60-90 million, a domestic four, the SeniorManger annual salary of 90-119 million salary standards. Of course, these positions, also have a common basic requirements, the United States certified public accountant priority.