Value of cpa

Warm service

We ensure that every employee is dedicated to providing quality products and services to our members. This enthusiasm is also reflected in our efforts to advance the global accounting profession. We care about all our members, drive continuous progress, maintain lasting relationships, and thank volunteer leaders who are spending their time and expertise and skills.

mutual respect

We respect each other and value individual and cultural differences. Regardless of position, level, we often frank communication, participate in useful debate and listen to each other. We strive to create a respect for the individual environment, so that everyone can speak their minds, growth and learning.


In our daily work, we understand and abide by the AACA Code of Ethics and maintain the reputation of AACA. Our members around the world deserve the best service. We treat each other fairly, keep their promises, objective decision-making, responsible for their own actions, maintaining trade secrets, the same courage to face up to the problem.

Innovation and progress

We believe that the spirit of innovation and continuous improvement is to maintain our relevance, importance and growth of a strong driving force. Our organizational culture is creative and inclusive. We have a sense of ownership as a business, managing risk and discovering new opportunities to serve our members and drive the industry.

Win together

We support and reward individuals and team achievements, and keep in mind the "membership first" philosophy, not limited to job responsibilities, the courage to break the boundaries of organizations to provide better services to members of the effort. Our spirit of partnership is also extended to the development of the industry and the practice of being a responsible and loving partner in a diverse community.