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Registered Learning Partners

What is the Registered Learning Partner (RLP) programme?

The aims of the Registered Learning Partner programme are to:

approve quality AACA learning providers, who have demonstrated their success in supporting students through non-core AACA qualifications

support our learning providers in providing students with the opportunity to succeed.

Full details of the Registered Learning Partner programme can be found in our Registered Learning Partner Pre-approval guide (PDF, 84kB)

Who is it for?

It is suitable for a learning provider already teaching or planning to start teaching the below qualifications through Face to Face, Online or Blended Learning delivery and able to demonstrate they are able to meet the 7 performance targets required.

Diploma in International Financial Reporting

Certificate in International Financial Reporting

Certificate in International Auditing 

Certificate in Global Business Services

Certificate in International Public Sector Accounting Standards

What are the benefits?

As a Registered Learning Partner, you can take advantage of the following exclusive benefits that will provide you with a competitive edge over non-accredited providers:

listing on our Registered Learning Partner directory

use of the ALP approval logo and certificate of approval

We will also promote your approved status by strongly recommending that our members study with your institution and explaining to them the high-quality learning experience they can expect from accredited providers.

Performance targets

There are seven performance targets that a learning provider is expected to demonstrate. Each target is explained in full within the application pack for each mode of learning. An outline is available in the table:

tep 1: Choose your mode(s) of study

Rread the below definitions in relation to each mode of study to identify the relevant application pack. Each application pack details the Performance Targets your institution will be assessed in relation to. The Performance Targets differ for each mode.

Note: If you teach more than one mode and wish to apply for approval for each mode we would require separate applications to be submitted as each mode will be awarded a separate approval.

Face to Face Learning

This is for those learning providers that offer full or part time classroom based tuition delivered at a learning provider’s premises. Full time tuition typically takes place over a period of several weeks or months. For the duration of the course, students may be taught one or more of the AACA’s examinations, learning the syllabus and applying the knowledge acquired through question practice and mastering examination techniques.

Online Learning

This is for those learning providers that offer courses that are primarily accessible online. Learning can take place at any geographical location and students can learn at their own pace with 24/7 access. Students are offered the full online learning experience. For example, students should expect to have access to live or pre-recorded lectures, while supported remotely by tutors or subject area experts.

Online courses are structured and offer recommendations for the most effective ways to achieve optimum results, including coursework and mock examination requirements. Students should have the flexibility to organise their study and attempt any coursework in their own time. If teaching is solely undertaken face to face with supplementary support online, this would be considered face to face tuition.

Blended Learning

This is for providers that offer a learning experience that combines face to face tuition and online learning through access to live or pre-recorded lectures in a single course. Participation in both elements of the tuition is necessary to complete the course and students can access their tuition both face to face and online.